God speaks to us

God speaks to us

October 26, 2019 0 By admin

YES, THERE IS A GOD, and He is not silent, He eagerly wants to speak to you–to each of us. Long ago, before sin began(and we’ll study this Lesson 3), God spoke to human beings face to face. He walked with them and talked with them just, as we talk with others during our days. But sin separated us from God. So since then, He has done His best to speak to us in other ways. He has spoken through prophets, through His creation (what we might call the book of nature), and most important, through His written’ Word

–The Bible.

Let’s see what this magnificent Book says about itself.

  1. IS THE BIBLE JUST THE WRITING OF MEN WHO WROTE ABOUT GOD THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO OR IS IT MORE THAN THAT? 2Peters 1:21. Yes, human beings wrote the Bible. But they wrote as God inspired them with His own thoughts.
  2. HOW MUCH OF THE BIBLE IS INSPIRED? JUST CERTAIN PARTS – OR ALL OF IT? 2 Timothy 3:16. If God inspired all of the Bible, we can then trust that when we read it, we are hearing His voice speaking to us.
  3. WHERE CAN WE GO IN THIS LIFE TO FIND ULTIMATE TRUTH? WHEN WE HEAR SO MANY OPINIONS, HOW CAN WE KNOW WHAT IS REALLY RIGHT OR WRONG? John 17:17. We are surrounded by those who claim to tell us the truth. Family, friends, leaders, specialists, book authors, counselors, and others. Isn’t it gratifying to know that there is one place we can go to know for certain what is true, and what is not?
  4. WHAT IS THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE BIBLE? WHO IS IT ABOUT? AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO SAY ABOUT US ? John 5:39. The Bible tells us about Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life that He gave His life to make possible for us.
  5. WHAT BENEFITS ARE OURS WHEN WE READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE? 2 Timothy 3:15-17. In the Bible, we find the way to salvation. We also receive doctrine(truth), reproof(God’s displeasure when we make wrong choices), correction (showing us when we’re on a wrong path), and instruction in righteousness (how to live as a Christian in this world).
  6. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE TRY TO READ THE BIBLE USING JUST OUR OWN REASONING AND JUDGEMENT? HOW CAN WE AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING GOD’S WORD TO US OR REACHING CONCLUSIONS ABOUT IT THAT ARE NOT CORRECT? John 16:13;1 Corinthians 2:14. The only way we can be sure to understand the Bible correctly is if we have God the Holy Spirit guiding us and helping us to understand what we’re reading.
  7. PAUL WROTE THAT THE PEOPLE OF BEREA WERE MORE NOBLE THAN OTHERS FOR SOMETHING THEY DID. WHAT WAS THAT? Acts 17:10.11. Like the Bereans, we have a definite advantage in life when we search the Bible daily. But to do that means we have to make a decision to make daily Bible reading a habit.
  8. WHAT EFFECT WILL SEARCHING THE BIBLE HAVE ON OUR PERSONAL WALK WITH GOD? Psalm 119:9-11. One of the greatest evidences of the divine power of the Bible how it changes the lives of those who read it. The Bible creates an overwhelming desire not to sin against God, a desire He rewards by adding His power to keep us from sinning.


PSALM 119:105